Monday, April 17, 2017

Random reflections

As I was turning things off last night, I happened to run my scope across the outputs of the LPF.  I noticed it was doing like 44 Vpp, which was odd because it was doing more like 22 Vpp into the dummy load.  I realized that  this was indicative of a higher SWR than I was expecting (possibly 4:1, I didn't take exact measurements).  I ran a little experiment tonight, and I *think* my dipole has its peak resonance somewhere in the 6.5-6.6mhz range (where it is more like 1.6:1).

So this weekend I may try to shorten it a bit to get the resonant portion up to where I actually want to use it.

This also makes me want to finish that antenna analyzer I started messing around with last year...

Also, my batteries died part way through my experiment tonight.  I was running off of a back of AA batteries (same as when I was experimenting before), which don't exactly have the power to do this.  I tried with the random wall wart again, but it was noise city.  Am going to look into getting SLA and charger.

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